Swallow or Stash: This drug trend is putting ravers at serious risk!

drug trend
Picture via Tara Croser

Whatever your stance is on the use of recreational drugs at music festivals, one thing is for sure: festival-goers will do anything nowadays to get it past the security at the gates.

Users are now resorting to drastic measures to conceal their illegal substances as security has become increasingly strict at dance music events across the globe. These methods have included things such as swallowing water balloons filled with ecstasy pills before entering the venue and then throwing it back up once inside, all to avoid the detection of drug dogs.

Another extreme method, according to one festival goer, is to conceal their drug of choice in, well, more delicate areas of their body: “I noticed there were heaps of dogs so I stuck them up my a …. It was the most uncomfortable thing,” the attendee commented.

Believe it or not, one festival-goer has been caught with Ecstasy pills slathered in Vegemite (a thick, black Australian food spread made from leftover brewers’ yeast extract with various vegetable and spice additives), cling-wrapped to his p***s.

While these sneaky tactics may be helping people avoid the prying hands of police, it’s not doing much in the way of preventing medical issues at these popular events.

One recent gig, the Allison Wonderland Scarehouse Project, in Sydney’s west, more than 140 attendees needed medical help and one was rushed to the hospital due to drug-related complications. 31 people were charged with possession, and 45 were thrown out of the event for being too drunk as the 10-hour event raged on.

Despite all this, authorities reported that most of the other attendees were well-behaved, but are furious that so many ran the risk of concealing their illegal substances in such a risky manner.