DJ Joe Bermudez drops (eSQUIRE) remix for ‘Crazy Enough’

Zedd and Joe Bermudez

After an astonishingly strong series of releases in 2017, DJ Joe Bermudez is ready to start this new year with creating a bit more of a bang, and it comes in the form of his fresh twist on ‘Crazy Enough!’

The Boston based DJ and producer who is well known for his sense of serenity and overwhelming modesty, always comes in incredibly strong, and this remix certainly is no different. Bermudez released this new single a month ago, and his newest rendition of this catchy track is quickly making its rounds across Soundcloud.

The ‘eSQUIRE‘ remix transforms the song’s original hyper, club beat and transforms it into a more mellow, trance like melody.

Check out the new release below: