These guys were arrested on Holy Ship! after sneaking ecstasy in their rectums

holy ship!
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Last week on Holy Ship! 10.0 over two dozen attendees were arrested for sneaking illegal substances on board. Now that were on to 11.0 two brothers are the next victims to be arrested for the same reasons.

The two brothers were aboard the Norwegian Epic on Wednesday and were busted from what looks to be a sting operation. Gino La Nasa, one of the brothers who was arrested sold Ecstasy to an undercover Brevard County Sheriff’s officer and was immediately detained. After interrogating La Nasa, officers were told at least 250 pills were intended to be brought aboard. This is a common keep your mouth shut situation.

Later that night his room was searched where officers found “emptied tied condoms in the toilet and several empty balls of clear plastic wrap that appeared to be covered in some kind of lubrication.” WOW. It gets better, four bags were later found in his rectum. After all searches were complete the brothers were found with 65.2 grams of MDMA, 2.5 grams of oxycodone and 5.1 grams of Xanax.

The brothers were sent to jail with drug trafficking charges and possession with intent to distribute. Looks like an additional 21 persons were also arrested before boarding Holy Ship! 11.0. Stay safe and be smart ravers!