Purple Haze kicks off 2018 with the glorious semi-acoustic version of ‘Light Me Up’

purple haze

One of the standout tracks from Purple Haze’s stunning debut record SPECTRVM now gets a stunning rework to get 2018 going with a bang. The semi-acoustic mix of Light Me Up is a spellbinding vocal track featuring the tones of Bonus Check.

Blending traditional pop style sections with fizzing, euphoric trance/dance passages, Light Me Up is perfectly placed between the radio and the dancefloor.

This tweaked version begins with dulcet piano tones twinkling the distance, Bonus Check’s vocal soon builds the emotion and energy as the chord progressions unfold. Huge synth arpeggios filter up, teasing us with their euphoria as the track subtly but firmly swells.

The drop unleashes the melody in full technicolour glory, filling the stereo field with its spine-tingling sounds. It’s the sound of all of Sander van Doorn’s years of experience filtered into three-and-a-half minutes of perfection.

Listen to the track here.