Fan slays “impossible” bassline and proves Deadmau5 wrong!

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Deadmau5 AP Photo/Victoria Will

It’s no secret that Canadian DJ and record producer, Deadmau5, has a strong reputation for being a know it all. However, just recently and very surprisingly, a fan proves the DJ wrong by showing off his insane bass skills.

During a livestream, Deadmau5 was listening to a remix version of his 2009 song “Strobe” and declared that the track’s bassline was “technically impossible” to play.

However, in just 150 seconds of video footage, YouTuber Davie504 immediately shuts down Deadmau5’s assumptions and it has everyone talking.

“Deadmau5 was listening to a remix of ‘Strobe’ and said that the bassline of that remix was ‘technically impossible’ and he would love to see a bass player play that part live… So let’s see if that’s really an impossible riff,” said Davie504.

Absolutely killing it, the YouTuber shows his 1.2 million subscribers how possible it actually is. In response to Davie504’s tweet containing a link to the video, Deadmau5 wrote, “well…. Sheeeit. Lol ;).” The DJ continued by saying he’s watched a few of his videos and that he has some “serious talent dude.”

In just a few days after Davie504’s video was posted, he racked up 1,328,942 views and counting. Clearly, nothing is impossible for this insane bass player. Keep up the good work Davie.

Check out the video below!