Model died after overdosing on MDMA and Ketamine at a Bestival Music festival

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Last year in September, model Louella Michie was found dead after an overdose of MDMA and Ketamine at Bestival music festival.

Finally, the inquest has settled with her boyfriend Ceon Broughton being charged with manslaughter and negligence in connection with her death.

The coroner originally had some difficulty identifying the cause of death as the body was returned for a funeral. The toxicology reports later confirmed the 25-year-old daughter of actor John Michie died from an overdose of MDMA – ecstasy – and ketamine.

“A post-mortem examination was conducted Dr (Russell) Delaney who was initially unable to give a preliminary cause of death. Her body was released for the purposes of her funeral but he kept hold of some tissues.”

The inquest will continue on June 25th.

Malik Shelp
I've been in the scene for about 5 years now, attending most of my festivals in Arizona. I go to the University of Arizona and i spend most of my time taking pictures and listening to good music!


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