Krewella forced to upload new video because of Deadmau5 [VIDEO]

deadmau5 krewella
Deadmau5 AP Photo/Victoria Will

Krewella, the sister EDM duo from Illinois, has continued to be at the forefront of women empowerment. With all the sass and appropriate attitude they displayed in the music video for their latest single, Bitch of the Year, we couldn’t imagine a release date more perfect than the one they chose, International Women’s Day. 

The sisters really showcased the rap talent they possess in their newest song and easily voiced their message of women independence by “switching up the f****** gear, up in your f***** ear, screaming it loud and clear”

Although, their message was delivered loud and clear, not everyone interpreted the new hit in a positive way. Canadian house DJ and producer, Deadmau5 took offense when he realized they had a picture of him in the video, when Jahan is rapping, “I don’t need your cosign”.

Deadmau5 has since threatened legal action, as well as talking about the lack of talent and over use of autotune Krewella displayed in their new release. The latest version of the video has been edited, removing the iconic DJ Deadmau5

Watch the video below!