Muscular guy throws a cake at Steve Aoki’s head! [VIDEO]

steve aoki caked
(Photo Credit: Joe Papeo)

Normally, EDM DJ and producer, Steve Aoki is the one throwing a cake at his shows. In fact, adoring fans usually fight to be the one who gets caked by the DJ. But when actor Vin Diesel is in the house, things get “Fast and Furious” and out of hand quickly.

Steve Aoki‘s Kolony Tour stopped at The Shrine in L.A. Friday night and a ton of celebrities were in the house, including Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom MorelloJeremy Scott, his sister Devon Aoki and Desiigner, who opened for the DJ.

‘The Fast and the Furious’ actor was also there and he was tasked with caking a member of the audience. Instead, however, he stabbed Steve Aoki in the back, or caked him in the face to be more specific.

“I WANNA CAKE SOMEONE TONIGHT!” Vin Diesel screams just before he launches the potentially the most epic two-handed cake throw ever known to man.

The video is priceless. You will absolutely love watching the documented moment. Check out the video below!