Warning: Highly Toxic drug being disguised as Ecstasy hits the streets!


We all know some people that like to party a little too hard at dance music festivals, and who could blame them? But after reading the reports coming out of New Zealand, you might want to think twice before consuming an untested substance.

According to Wellington Police, five people have been arrested after a sting operation seized over 6 kilograms of a highly toxic drug being sold on the streets. The new drug is being called N-ethlypentylone and is said to be far more dangerous than Ecstasy. Within the past few months, numerous hospitalizations have been documented of people who had thought they were consuming MDMA, but really it was N.

Doctor Wendy Allison, the director of the free drug testing service ‘Know Your Stuff’ says many people believe they’re taking ecstasy but are actually taking something far more dangerous. It’s crazy to believe that people are basically selling poison and calling it MDMA.. This is what Ms. Allison had to say about it:

“In our testing this season approximately 25 percent of substances brought us as MDMA have turned out not to be, and of those the majority have been n-ethylpentylone.”

“It makes economic sense in a market that encourages people to misrepresent drugs for them to buy a cheaper drug, sell it as a more expensive drug,” Ms Allison says.

“Having has too much leads to increased heart rate, increased body temperature, increased blood pressure, anxiety, paranoia, agitation, inability to sleep.”

“I was surprised at the amount because if you do the maths on that, that’s over 90,000 doses, and if it’s being sold as MDMA it’s still over 30,000 doses – that is a lot of this stuff.”

Testing kits have always been the smart move. This is just another example to back that up that logic. Consuming untested substances is like playing Russian roulette, you’ll never know until it’s too late.. Party safe people.