Hardwell’s podcast confirms a Swedish House Mafia Reunion at ULTRA !

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Swedish House Mafia

So this just happened. On a recent podcast with the Dutch superstar DJ and producer Hardwell, the question is asked if he thinks the legendary trio Swedish House Mafia will make a surprise appearance at Ultra Music Festival this year and his answer has us all going crazy.

There have been rumors going around that the Swedish trio might make a surprise appearance at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival this year. Many are claiming that Swedish House Mafia will be the special guests and that it’s really happening.

Although we were all very hopeful, the thought of it actually happening seemed to good to be true. Dutch DJ Hardwell may have cleared things up for us.

In a recent podcast, Hardwell states that one member of the Sweden Supergroup recently cancelled his trip to Asia in order to stay in Miami. Either this is a major coincidence or this just might be proof that attendees may actually see the trio live once again. He also states that he believes there will be a SHM appearance this weekend!

We won’t know anything until the weekend but this sure as hell makes it seem like more of a reality! Check back for more updates on the ongoing Swedish House Mafia surprise reunion!

Watch the video below!