The latest sign pointing towards a Swedish House Mafia reunion at ULTRA!

swedish house mafia
Swedish House Mafia

The popular Youtube channel, Proximity, has been teasing the idea of a Swedish House Mafia reunion for years now.

Yesterday the channel uploaded something that has fans around the world dying to know if it’s going to happen at Ultra Music Festival in Miami this weekend. ‘Proximity’ founder Blake Coppelson talked a little about the return and soon after uploaded Swedish House Mafia’s huge hit “One (Your Name)” featuring Pharrell.

The song has more than 753 comments and some are saying, “Reunion Confirmed”. Maybe it’s just a huge troll, or maybe it’s just a trip down memory lane. Or maybe there might just be a Swedish House Mafia reunion this weekend at Ultra!

Do you think Swedish House Mafia is making their return to Ultra Music Festival’s 20th anniversary? Listen to the track below!