WATCH: Hardwell singing his heart out to Swedish House Mafia set !

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Over the weekend, we all witnessed the return of the iconic EDM trio we know today as the, Swedish House Mafia. Closing out night 3 of Ultra Music Festival in Miami, the trio stunned the world and officially reunited!

Their set brought us pure euphoria as it took us all back to the good ol’ days. People from all around the world came together to celebrate the trio’s return, the vibe seemed to be spot on. The Swedish House Mafia‘s reunion not only brought joy to attendees, but also fellow DJ’s as well.

In a video that recently surfaced, you can see famous Dutch DJ and producer Hardwell singing his heart out during the set. As Swedish House Mafia dropped their famous hit ‘Save The World’Hardwell screams the entire song word for word.

It’s safe to say Hardwell is not only a fan of their music but is just as happy as the rest of us to finally see the Swedish trio reunite.

Check out the video below!