Henry Fong follows through on his crazy Swedish House Mafia Bet ! [VIDEO]

henry fong
Henry Fong, img via rukes.com

While most of us are relieved that our favorite EDM trio, Swedish House Mafia is finally back together after five years, some of us turned our eyes towards DJ and producer, Henry Fong and his long locks of hair.

For those who don’t know, amidst the rumors of Swedish House Mafia performing at Ultra Music Festival in Miami this past weekend, he said that if they returned he would “shave his head and jump in the fountaineblue pool naked.”

I was horrified at the idea of a bald Henry Fong, but luckily he only cut one dread and donated $100 to St. Jude’s. At the time of the reunion, he had already left Miami so he instead jumped into “shark infested waters” to make up for it.

It may not be what we originally were promised, but we’ll take it. Check out the video below!