Orjan Nilsen Dropped his Long-Awaited Album ‘Prism’

orjan nilsen

Having been a mainstay in the electronic music scene for what seems like an eternity, Ørjan Nilsen is a man whose musical vision knows no equal.

By choosing his own path to success rather than the one already carved out by others, he secured himself a signature sound that’s known and loved across the globe. And that trademark brand – those brilliant colors of sound The Viking calls his own – shines through in ‘Prism’.

Ørjan Nilsen‘s third body of work after previous artist albums “In My Opinion” and “NoSaint Out Of Me”, “Prism” sees the Norwegian mastermind combine his beloved sound with new musical flourishes.

Harboring known favorites such asIconic”, “Drowning” and a new vocal version of “Hi There Radio” alongside fresh, sometimes pop-scented material that includesMillion Miles Away”, “Navigator”, “In A Thousand Ways” andNothing Here But Love”, ‘Prism’ shows how one man’s vision can take on many different forms.

Want a diverse, thirteen-piece offering that transcends boundaries and separates itself from the scene’s musical clutter while remaining omnipotent? Look no further.

Listen to the tracks here.