‘Green Heineken’ Ecstasy pills blamed for death of 2 people at music festival

green heineken ecstasy pills
(Image: Alamy)

Hampshire Police has launched an investigation into the deaths of two people after festival-goers described people taking Green Heineken ecstasy pills at the event this weekend.

Police are investigating after Georgia Jones, 18 years-old, and 20 years-old Tommy Cowan both fell ill just 20 minutes apart but sadly died at the Mutiny music festival in Portsmouth, Hants.

Festival-goers have described people taking so-called ‘Green Heinekenecstasy pills before the horror unfolded.

Eyewitness Sam, 20, revealed that people were taking ecstasy tablets nicknamed “Green Heinekens” at the festival and that is what is believed to have caused the emergency.

He said: “I saw the girl on the ground being treated by paramedics, it was a horrendous sight, she was in a very bad way.

People said she may have had two pills and if they were the Green Heinekens I can see why as my friend only had one and he was in a right state afterwards. We had not heard anything about any drug warning, but as soon as people started getting ill it was blamed on the Green Heinekens.”

Janine Milburn, Georgia’s mother, said “my little girl was 18 and full of life” and “I just hope this stops at least some of you ending up the same”.

Her heartbreaking post read: “As I have now spoken to family members I can now say Georgia died yesterday due to complications after taking two pills at Mutiny. If nothing else I hope what has happened to her will deter you from taking anything ever.”

She continued: “The pills had caused her temperature to rise so high it made her fit for 45 mins. This then caused her muscle to break down and turn her blood acidic. Her heart was irregular and stopped numerous times and then her lungs filled with blood and fluid and I made the decision to turn everything off.

“My little girl was 18 and full of life, I just hope this stops at least some of you from ending up the same.”