WARNING issued over dangerous BLUE PUNISHER Ecstasy pill

blue punisher ecstasy pill

In recent news, certain blue punisher ecstasy pills on the market are said to be extremely dangerous. More like toxic.

The people at Parklife Festival sent out a tweet warning of the spread of the Blue Punisher pill which is said to be linked to the tragic deaths that took place at Portsmouth Mutiny Festival over the weekend.

A non-profit drug awareness company called, The Loop recently tested this pill and have confirmed that they have a strength over 330 mg which is almost four times the amount typically found in an MDMA pill.

This came out following the news of 2 people in Bournemouth earlier this year who experienced side effects such as convulsions, psychosis and vomiting.

See the important announcement by Parklife below.

“No doubt you have seen in the press about two very sad tragedies at a festival over the weekend.

There is a VERY strong batch of pills in circulation, with strength over 330mg. These tablets, along with others, can result in death. Please act responsibly & look after each other”