Here’s how long Drugs stay in your system !

how long drugs stay in your system

After a long weekend out partying with your friends, you might wonder how long certain drugs might stay in your body. Have a big interview coming up? Let’s hope not.

Everybody’s body is different, thus affecting each of us a little different. Along with that, it also varies between genetics, the drug test itself, lifestyle and the type of drug. It’s been proven that individuals with higher metabolism’s are able to flush the drugs from their systems much faster. This is why older people have a much more difficult time ridding the drugs from their system.

Certain drugs like LSD are out of our systems much faster than other substances since the intake is so much less. A smart decision would be to first buy a testing kit and be aware of what exactly your taking.

Check out the facts we’ve listed below. Credits go IFLScience for sharing info!

Cannabis: 7 to 30 days in urine; 90 days in hair; 14 days in blood
Cocaine: 3 to 4 days in urine; 90 days in hair; a day or two in blood
Heroin: 3 to 4 days in urine; 90 days in hair; about half a day in blood
LSD: Up to 3 days in urine; 3 days in hair; less than five hours in blood
MDMA: 3 to 4 days in urine; 90 days in hair; a day or two in blood
Methamphetamine: 3 to 6 days in urine; 90 days in hair; up to three days in blood

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