Could this be the worst Festival Lineup you’ve ever seen?

Credit: Ben Bentley/NME

These days, we’re all pretty fortunate to see festivals bring such stacked lineups. If your lucky, you might even see all of your favorite artists in 1 night. On the other hand, we’ve all been to that one festival that had the worst possible lineup.

On September 15, Polo Fest is set to take place at Chester Lakes. The festival describes itself to be, “Cheshire’s boutique music festival” but once you see the lineup, you may think otherwise.

As you can see, the festival has the same dudes, Toploader headlining each night. I’m really not sure who the hell would attend with this kind of a lineup.

Even if Gok Wan’s biggest tracks do get your feet moving though, you ravers out there will soon have to find some other place to go, because the entire thing finishes at 8pm. Yes, you read that right, 8pm…