19 yr old girl and man, 22, fighting for life after taking MDMA at a festival


A 19 years old woman and a 22 years old man are fighting for life after taking “bad” MDMA at a music festival in Merseyside, police say.

Reminisce Festival organisers had previously warned their guests to watch out for “some ‘bad’ blue diamond ecstasy pills” which were circulating at the one-day event.

“We love to see you having an awesome time at Reminisce, but be safe! There has been information about some “bad” blue diamond pills. If you are concerned about you or a friend approach some help from stewards or present to one of the onsite medical centres” they wrote on their official Twitter account.

The police reiterated a similar message and also asked for anyone with information to come forward and speak to the Police.

Detective Inspector Paul Grounds said: “These are the early stages of our investigation but I want to reassure those affected that we are doing everything possible to identify exactly what substance or substances have resulted in these severe reactions, working alongside the health service”.

“We initially believe that ecstasy tablets were taken by some of those in hospital but this is all subject to further enquiries. I would urge anyone else who has had an adverse reaction to any substance make themselves known to medical services as soon as possible” he added.

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