Martin Garrix partners with AXE and releases video for his new single ‘Burn Out’

linkin park and martin garrix
img via rukes

Martin Garrix is announcing his partnership with AXE to launch their brand-new platform AXE Music. To promote the partnership and the product launch, Garrix and AXE partnered on his latest music video for his brand-new track ‘Burn Out’.

”I am very honored to be part of the AXE Music platform roll out. I love the campaigns AXE has done in the past and when we all met in my studio, I felt a great connection, which is super important for me in collaborations like this. I am super happy with the result of the video for my new single ‘Burn Out”, Martin Garrix says.

‘Burn-Out’, which has been featured in multiple sets from Garrix, is a collaboration with Justin Mylo and features vocals of Dewain Whitmore. The accompanying music video is a visual exploration that places us in a universe made of many imaginary worlds where music is the link between them.

Listen to the track below.

In addition to the music video, Garrix and his new music also feature in AXE’s product films promoting his limited-edition body spray. The partnership is rolling out with the launch of a limited-edition Martin Garrix body spray, on September 14 in key Latin American markets as well as The Netherlands.