Breaking: Swedish House Mafia posters appear again!

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Looks like the legendary EDM trio Swedish House Mafia are at it again, cryptic posters and fliers now appear in Stockholm, Sweden.

We’ve seen this before and we’ll probably see it again. None of us really know for sure, but we’re hoping this is signaling towards the trio’s highly anticipated return. What makes it even more likely is the fact that the posters are appearing in their homeland of Stockholm, Sweden.

The infamous posters seem to feature almost the exact design we saw on their social media accounts awhile back. The posters show three swooshes, the word “Stockholm” x three, and an image of a model that was shown at their reunion performance at Ultra Miami earlier this year.

All of these signs seem to point towards a 2019 tour, and that’s what were really hoping for. The Swedish House Mafia hype is for real. Check back for more updates!