Martin Garrix and MIKE YUNG perform their new single ‘Dreamer’ on Good Morning America

linkin park and martin garrix
img via rukes

Dutch Dj and producer, Martin Garrix and MIKE YUNG performed their single ‘Dreamer’ live for the very first time on Good Morning America. The track was released exactly one week ago.

The accompanying, powerful music video showcases exactly what the song is about; passion, hope and faith. Spreading the overall message that you can find the strength as long as you got something to believe in.

MIKE YUNG: ”Everybody has a dream, so never give up your dream and never give up period. The key is to find something that you love and stick to it, and who knows what might happen.”

‘Dreamer’ is a collaboration of Garrix together with MIKE YUNG – a former soul singer with an incredible story that’s both heartbreaking and ultimately triumphant. He spent 38 years busking on the subway to support his family in the projects in Brooklyn before appearing on the hugely popular TV show America’s Got Talent, where he made it to the semi-finals, but this is his first collaboration with an established artist like Garrix.

After being wowed by a video of Mike singing ‘If you don’t know me by now’ in the subway, Garrix got in touch with him and asked him to join on a project. After meeting in New York for the first time, YUNG came to Amsterdam where ‘Dreamer’ was created in Garrix’ Amsterdam based studios.

Martin Garrix: ”This song represents Mike’s story, but I want people to play this song at home when they need motivation, when they need that extra push.”

Watch their performance below.