18 yr-old girl, died after taking ‘double-strength’ Ecstasy pills at music festival

music festival

An 18 year old girl who took two ‘double-strength’ ecstasy tablets at a major music festival near Portsmouth died after fitting for 50 minutes, an inquest has heard.

The 18-year-old Georgia Jones and Tommy Cowan, 20, both died after taking drugs at the Mutiny music festival on May 26.

Georgia Jones told friends she’d taken two ecstasy tablets, with a bag of MDMA powder found in her bag. But she did not know they were double strength, and she later collapsed and began fitting before she died in hospital.

Det Con Lewry said: “Georgia took two tablets not knowing they were double strength. It’s likely the strength of the drugs she had taken were too strong for her body to handle.”

She added that the festival, which cancelled the second day of the event, had been criticised for not carrying out enough security checks but she said a number of unused condoms were found in the toilets suggesting drugs had been smuggled on to the site in people’s bodies and ‘would not have been found by the security’.