Electric Forest launches Eco-Tent option, which is actually a $200 Cardboard Box

In corporation with Electricology, the company that allows Electric Forest attendees the opportunity to win prizes by being ecofriendly, Electric Forest has added pre set-up general admission Eco-Tents to its 2019 lineup.

The Eco-Tents are made out of high quality, wood fiber cardboard, and one hundred percent recyclable material. The cardboard is weather resistant, and will hold up to inclement weather for at least the duration of the event.

According to Electric Forest, the Eco-Tents are the Forests most sustainable camping option, and the Neighborhood will be adjacent to tent only camping, close to both Main Street, and the venue entrance. The Eco-Tent option is a solid choice for attendees that carpool, or take a shuttle to the event.

The Eco-Tents are designed to fit two people, with additional room for storage space. They have 3.3-meter square foot floor plans, and a small window included. The cost to utilize them is two hundred dollars for the duration of the event, and is an add-on to general admission ticket pricing.

This is a critical time for humans to take sustainable action, and to embrace an ecofriendly lifestyle. Both Electric Forest, and Electricology recognize this, and are taking giant leaps for the cause. Electricology operates an incredible program at the Forest that gives the attendees an opportunity to lend a helping hand, while cashing in for their good deeds.

The Recycle, Earn, Redeem program lets attendees bring campsite recycling and trash to the neighborhood Ecozone, and earn EcoPoints for green deeds. They also run contests throughout the event giving attendees additional opportunities to walk away with some swag. The points are used to cash in at Electricology Stores. Attendees that earn the most EcoPoints could win a once in a lifetime Good Life VIP experience for 2019.

Support this noble cause by participating in the ecofriendly programs, and by securing a spot in the 2019 Eco-Tent Neighborhood at Electric Forest.

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