Woodstock’s 50th Anniversary Festival Leaks More Details!


Anybody that has attended a camping music festival on any scale, knows about the magic that coincides with the experience. Where it can be really difficult to put into words, or to explain to anybody that did not experience it for their selves, does not mean that it is some kind of made up jargon. The magic is real.

The festival scene would not be what it is today if the original Woodstock had not taken place in 1969. For the event, people gathered from near and far to celebrate love, life, music, culture, and unity.

While being conceived as “Three Days of Peace and Music”, Woodstock was so much more than just that. It was the beginning of a revolution that would transpire with time as the festival that started them all. Generations from all over the globe either know about, or firsthand experienced the historical festival that has paved the way for us.

A recent leak from one of the promoters of the original Woodstock has stirred up the hopes of festival advocates, stating that a 50-year anniversary celebration could certainly be on the calendar for 2019. The hype is real.

While details are still a little cloudy, what we do know is that there will be a festival on the original Woodstock stomping grounds in 2019. Confirmation has been released that an event at the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, in Bethel, New York will in fact take place on August 16-18, 2019.

New information has been released that the event will not be called Woodstock, will not be affiliated with the Woodstock brand or its co-founder Michael Lang, nor will it be referred to as the 50th Anniversary. It will have similarities to the original Woodstock event, and will be known as “a celebration of music, culture, and community, featuring live music acts, talks, and special exhibitions”.

Even if the event does not hold the Woodstock name, that does not mean that it will not be as massive and potent as the original event. Some legendary artists have been approached as potential performers for this event from a variety of genres including Pearl Jam, Eminem, the Foo Fighters, Daft Punk, Skrillex, Deadmau5, and the Swedish House Mafia.

This event will mesh music lovers from around the globe, and gather them in the same way that the original event did, many years ago. Stay tuned for details, it seems like the only thing that is certain is that everybody should be extraordinarily excited as days unfold toward this 2019 event.