1 dead, 16 hospitalised and 130 attendees sought treatment after music festival

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Another tragedy struck the rave culture. Following Knockout 2018 – Games of Destiny, a dance music festival in Sydney, Australia, nineteen-year-old Callum Brosnan, from Buulkham Hills, Australia, was found unresponsive at Sydney Olympic Park train station.

He was taken to the hospital and died around 4:30 in the morning. Sixteen other people, including three that were listed in critical condition, and were placed in medically induced comas, were also hospitalized following the event related to the use of harmful chemicals. A total of 130 festival attendees sought treatment following the event.

Five festival goers were arrested on drug-related charges, including one 18-year-old woman allegedly found with 390 MDMA capsules. 

“Drug suppliers will do anything to make money,” South West Metropolitan Region Commander Assistant Commissioner Peter Thurtell told reporters on Sunday morning.

“It’s obvious they [drugs] are just not safe. Many young people aren’t getting the message… that these drugs aren’t safe and there’s no safe limit.”

Hearts go out to the friends and family of every one involved. It is a heavy situation. Festival goers set out to the events for the right reasons. They go out to have fun, connect with other humans, have fun, experience the magic and dance. No one expects for it to end in casualty due to chemicals, but it is gut-wrenching when it does. 

Media outlets all over the world are trying to spread the word that using chemicals is incredibly dangerous if they are not tested for purity and the absence of known lethal substances. Worldwide reports of fatalities related to substances laced with fentanyl, let us know that chemicals can kill people just by coming in contact with a very small amount.

While it is not always fentanyl, it can always be avoided. Many have forgotten that going to music festivals without using chemicals is an awesome journey.

Tapping into the experience with a clear mind is next-level; however, it is well known that many do seek out popular chemicals such as MDMA, ketamine, and others at EDM festivals and events. Drug testing kits should now be considered an essential part of their festival or event preparation if they decide that buying and using chemicals will be part of the experience.

Little bottles that are about the size of eyedrops, can identify a wide variety of chemicals. They are concealable, relativity inexpensive, easy to use, and are essential in this day and age of raving. It is impossible to identify impurities in chemicals from sight, smell, or taste. It is simply too dangerous to take anything without identifying it first. Impure chemicals that are making people critically ill and worse are being served at raves on a global scale. People should keep the love intact with responsibility.

Organizations like Dance Safe and Bunk Patrol often set up at events and provide a haven for people to discreetly test substances before they are ingested. Critics say that these companies are enabling the culture to use drugs. It is apparent that people at music festivals are going to dabble in extracurricular activities regardless if someone is there to help keep them safe or not. Providing services to keep humans safe is far from enabling, and in fact, errs on the side of humanity.

It is a shame that the lessons must come after a tragedy, but hopefully, as the scene continues to rise, people will realize that they should only use chemicals if they have identified the substance.

The heartbreaking lights that dim as a result of chemical poisoning are too late to rekindle; however, among the million other reasons to remember them, may the loss and mass hospitalizations help open eyes of the masses to the fact that the threat is real, that we need to take care of ourselves and each other, and that safety first is the key ingredient to festivals and raves.

Members of the community must stand against the dangers of chemicals and help keep their friends safe. The more that the word is spread, the more we stand a fighting chance to live to dance another day. This culture is bread of peace, love, unity, and respect. You dancing machines help keep each other safe out there. The rave community will forever mourn the loss of a brother.