Political group calls on government to regulate Ecstasy production

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It seems as if world leaders are starting to take note of the rise of ecstasy/MDMA. It is not a drug that is booming in one specific location, but its widespread use reaches all corners of the planet. Where recent legitimate research has determined that it does have many beneficial properties to combat emotional distress, amongst other things, it does not necessarily mean that it should be a free for all, or that it is a chemical that is suitable for all people.  

While the chemical in its most pure form is the chemical that private and government research utilize for testing, that is not always the chemical that users obtain when buying the chemical off the streets. Some people that distribute chemicals do have a set of ethics where they want to keep people safe, and provide them with quality ecstasy, however, they seem to be increasingly becoming more few and far between. 

With the heightening of popularity, it seems as if money hungry people find a way to dilute the numbers by providing users with chemicals that are not even close to MDMA, but rather just junk and harmful substances that resemble ecstasy only by appearance. The bunk chemicals and cutting agents that people often pass off as ecstasy are making people sick and worse on a global scale, and the situation only seems to be gradually increasing, something must be done to combat the issue, and progressive action is the only hope. 

In the Netherlands, the Green Party GroenLinks seems to feel as if they have a solution to the problem. They feel as though that not only are the impure chemicals an issue, but to coincide with the growing concern is the expansion of crime syndicates that are often behind the scenes of pushing the chemicals, which is funding their growth, and ultimately, their increasing power. 

GreonLinks parliamentarian and spokesperson Kathalijine Buitenweg said that “government should regulate the production of ecstasy. The government does not have to make the pills itself, but the government must want to take control”, she said that they recommend a permit system with controlled production, so that only pills that meet quality requirements are available. “I say it because of public health, but also because we have to do something about the frighteningly growing power of criminals.” 

As reports from the United Nations, the United States Food and Drug Administration, and organizations such as the World Health Organization, all demonstrating data that rankings of harmfulness should be reviewed.

The FDA is in the third phase of an MDMA assisted Psychotherapy for PTSD trial program, and the continued research typically means that the drug will be approved and become legal for scheduled usage once it hits that phase of testing.

Backing the GroenLinks movement is the Dutch Mayor of Breda, Paul Depla, who is also calling for a change in the Netherlands drug policy. He has publicly stated “Give me one reason why alcohol is freely available and that ecstasy must be banned. Experts tell me that ecstasy is less harmful than alcohol, and I am repeating that information”. 

The war has now shifted from the drugs that were once thought to be harmful, to the war against counterfeit and poisonous chemicals masking as MDMA, and to the crime syndicates that are often behind the scenes causing a ruckus. Protective and progressive measures are in order to protect humanity, could this be the solution? Time will tell.