Sander Van Doorn remixes Frontliner’s hardstyle anthem I’m The Melodyman

Although he is known for his eclectic ventures, remixing a classic hardstyle track is not necessarily something you would expect from Sander Van Doorn. In this case it’s a match made in heaven as he reworks Frontliner’s melodic 2012 banger I’m The Melodyman in fine style.

Beautifully euphoric melodies lie at the heart of the hard-edged original, and it’s these elements that Sander has so successfully extracted, manipulated and boosted. Taut beats lay the foundations. Off-beat keys pulse as scintillating bassline arpeggio bubbles away.

The sweet vocodered vocals rise from the depths with a pretty topline and bright chords, ushering us towards a truly soaring breakdown that’s packed with gently distorted, spine-tingling riffs and bundles of trance energy.

The drop brings everything together in rousing fashion, with the track soaring higher still when a second layer of the main melody joins in an octave higher. Big drum fills and snare rolls bring in moments of drama and complete this phenomenal track.

I’m The Melodyman is a huge track in the hardstyle scene, and this remix actually originally came about when Frontliner created an as-yet-unreleased remix of Sander’s Purple Haze project track Bergen. Sander was inspired to remix one of Frontliner‘s tracks in return, and this is the spectacular result. This just goes to show that there are a lot of different scenes that can all learn something from each other.

In addition, the unlikely duo also went into the studio together to create a true collaboration. Keep your eyes and ears peeled in January for that one!

Listen to the track here.