Man arrested in Ibiza after tested positive for “All detectable drugs”

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Remember the 2015 movie about Christmas Eve called “The Night Before”, starring Seth Rogan? It is the one where he goes out on Christmas Eve for his annual trip with his friends, and before he leaves, his pregnant wife gives him a box full of every drug in the world and tells him to have fun.

Well if it bypassed your radar, perhaps the un-named 31-year-old man from Spain that was arrested on NYE for registering every testable substance on a breathalyzer test watched it and was inspired by it before his NYE adventure in Ibiza began.

Reports from the Olive Press in Ibiza, state that a man was pulled over around three o’clock in the morning on New Year’s Day. When the Police gave him a breathalyzer test that calculates drug and alcohol usage, every detectable substance registered on the machine.

The test showed that he consumed cocaine, methamphetamine, opiates, marijuana, and amphetamines. Once the man was arrested, they discovered a variety of drugs in his possession. Authorities said that he was displaying “reckless behavior” while they discovered twenty-six pills, cocaine, and an unknown brown substance in his possession.

The man now faces a charge for driving under the influence, a $1,134.00 fine, and will receive a six-point penalty on his driver’s license. There was no report on the level of alcohol involved in the incident, but we can only imagine that it was probably significant. While judgment is not being issued on his lifestyle choices, certainly being behind the wheel was not his best move. Seemingly when that many psychoactive chemicals are involved, clear thinking kind of goes out of the window.

It is certain that the man will be used as an example, he indubitably was not the only intoxicated driver on the road that night. A 2017 report by The Ibizan stated that between eighty and ninety percent of all roadside drug tests in the city yield positive results.

The tests do indicate drug use, but they do not always mean that the driver is impaired. The tests are accurate but can go back time over a week or so. Stay safe out there Ibiza. If sober drivers are not available, please use Uber or call a Taxi. Saving a few dollars is not worth risking innocent lives.