Doctor and policeman has called for MDMA to be sold in pharmacies

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With a global eye on ecstasy, the world is starting to recognize the unstoppable force that it is MDMA. Acclaimed Australian Doctor Alex Wodak has publicly announced that a movement must happen to make it where MDMA is sold as a prescription drug.

He says that the chemical itself is not harmful, but the problem is that the people that manufacture it on the streets have no idea what they are doing while they are making it, and the failed doppelgangers are killing people at alarming rates.

Pure ecstasy is healing people on a worldwide scale, and it is softening the traumatic punches that are thrown by the real world. It is saving humanity, and it is not all about getting wasted to cope with life. This is something substantial that is really happening, it is not hypocrisy or fake news. It is not something that is being brought to light by the imagination of party people hoping to help people understand them better. Like it or not, it is happening. Planet Earth has found a way to break the chains of captivity from trauma, and the universe is pushing the cause through to the other side.

Doctor Wodak stated that if MDMA can be controlled, and sold in stores, that the death rates that surround it will plummet. It is not the chemical that is killing people, it is the low-level street dealers that are imposing faulty chemicals on people that is the cause for concern.

In an interview with local media, he stated:

“MDMA is a low-risk drug. It is used as a medicine, but it is clear that when it is distributed on the black market, it becomes a high-risk drug. It is being made by amateur chemists who are not experienced, who use crummy equipment, with no quality control process. There is no control over the sale of the drug and no harm reduction information”.

It is obvious that preventing people from taking drugs is something that can not be controlled. The percentage of people that get quality drugs as opposed to the people that take a counterfeit substance is lopsided on the dark side. Beyond the walls of intoxication, making MDMA available in prescription form would fight the detrimental effects that surround it such as corruption, violence, crime, and most importantly, death.

To back the statements of Doctor Wodak, a decorated former Australian Federal Police Commissioner named Mick Palmer, said that he favored the ideas and that people need to wake up.

Palmer who had a distinguished 33-year career as a police officer said”

“Unless we find ways to regulate the sale of illicit drugs and turn the current black market into the white market, we’ll never get on top of this problem, there is no doubt about that. We need to face the reality that we have no control over this market, no control over the toxicity of illicit drugs. We have to be prepared to try new ideas”

The statements made by the prominent public figures have sent shockwaves throughout authorities from around the world. The eye- opening remarks come in lieu of the skyrocketing numbers of deaths and hospitalizations from music events around Australia and beyond.

People are dying because they want to experience ecstasy, but wind up with something completely different. The faulty chemicals make their organs shut down and they die. Police cannot stop people from using chemicals, so now it becomes a public safety concern rather than a criminal implication.

The studies are there. MDMA is a chemical that can benefit humanity. Top authority figures and expert medical practitioners are coming out publicly to help people understand that the time is now to make a change.

We must flip the perspective and instead of incarcerating individuals that tap into MDMA, protect them from underworld injustices and provide them with a way to get the medicine legitimately. Wake up. What is more important, money, or human lives?