Ketamine is becoming increasingly popular under clubbers in the Netherlands

As the medicinal benefits of the dissociative anesthetic and psychoactive chemical ketamine unfold from legitimate research from around the globe, the substance is revealing its multifaceted purposes.

While it is being used in the medical field as an anesthetic, and also utilized to ease the pain of burn and battlefield victims, help with depression, and lesson the aches of chronic pain, it also is being used as a tool to help expand the collective consciousness for humanity, and is opening minds of people positively, but seemingly, its most popular usage is for people that are involved in the club scenes and rave culture.

Its popularity is at an all-time high on all corners of the globe, statistics show that its medical and recreational use, particularly in the Netherlands, has spiked noticeably. There are many different reasons for the for the influx of Dutch ketamine users, one of the more blatant reasons is the fact that under Dutch law, Ketamine is not a criminal offense to possess or use.

It is not clear how readily available it is to the public, but for those out there that want to experiment with it or tap into its medicinal benefits can do so without fear of prosecution. Considering that it is a crime in most of the rest of the world to possess and popularity is still inexorably rising, it only makes sense that for in a place where it is not a crime to use that it would be used more frequently but the general public; certainly, in settings where it is most popular in the rest of the world like in raves and clubs.

According to a report from, just 1.1% of adults in the Netherlands have used ketamine at some point in their lives, but that 17.3% of clubbers have used the chemical, with 12.3% of them using it at least one time in the prior year.

Ketamine was involved in almost three percent of cases referred for medical help in 2009, but that it had risen to over eight percent by 2017, it is certain that the numbers are currently far beyond that with its worldwide advancement into the public spotlight.

The data gathered from the research indicates where MDMA and cannabis are more popular among the masses in the Netherlands, that they are pretty much leveled out in terms of increasing popularity.

There are more people that use them, but the numbers are consistently staying the same except for with ketamine, which is on a continuous climb everywhere on the planet. The ketamine movement is snowballing and it does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon, there are online resources to find legal ketamine clinics around the world, even in the United States with its less than progressive drug laws.

It can be expensive to go to the clinics, but the medicine is beneficial to a lot of people and is a good starting place to become introduced to those for those that are interested in tapping in.