Tomorrowland festival is expanding its Mainstage viewing area

Tomorrowland 2018 :The Story Of Planaxis"

In preparation for its 15th anniversary, and anticipation of perhaps it’s largest gathering to date, the mighty Tomorrowland festival is expanding its mainstage area. To coincide with the massive line-up that is expected to overtake the powerhouse Belgium experience, the stage area is set to experience exponential growth.

Reports from De Schorre indicate that the grass fields that surround the area around the mainstage are going to expand for this year’s celebration. The area sits in a man-made grassy bowl-shaped area which faces the stage, and it has formed steps that create a gigantic amphitheater.

In prior years the grass field met with a fenced off wooded area that was not accessible to the attendees. Tomorrowland has decided that they are going to need more space for this year’s event, and they are adding additional stairs to the grassy slope area, as well as utilizing the previously untouched wooded area.

Accommodating for over 400,000 people in any setting takes a tremendous amount of preparation. Tomorrowland seems to have figured out exactly how to manage it after so many successful happenings. It is obvious that the people behind the scenes absolutely love everything about it. They love the music, the production, gathering the people together, the experience, the show, raising the collective consciousness, and most importantly, they absolutely love the people of Tomorrowland; or else it would not work, and it would not be.

As the day draws nearer and more details unfold about the mighty Tomorrowland, we will certainly be here to keep everybody posted about updates that revolve around the giant. All we can say is, come dance, come play, come connect, come love, come one, come all. There is no better time than now to start living life, and experiencing the best music festival on Planet Earth, tap into it.