WARNING over dangerous Pink Porsche, Purple Defqon and Pink Maple Leaf ecstasy pills

photo MEN Media

Kiwis beware, for there are some extraordinarily potent batches of ecstasy tablets circulating around New Zealand. In a statement released last week by the harm reduction service KnowYourStuffNZ, the “Purple Defqon”, “Pink Porsche” and “Pink Maple Leaf” ecstasy tablets all have potentially dangerous levels of MDMA in them, and people need to be aware.

The public service announcement came to light following an accumulation of results that stemmed from testing the tablets, which consistently showed that the pills all had up to four times the amount of a normal dose of MDMA.

KnowYourStuffNZ said, “users are advised that the only way to guarantee safety is to not take them, but for those who do choose to take them, our recommendation is to only take a third of the pill at most and then wait at least an hour before taking any more.”

In an attempt to keep people safe, and potentially save lives, the harm reduction service provides free pill testing at festivals and events around New Zealand to help combat impostor or unsafe chemicals.

They released photographs and descriptions of the potent batches for public awareness. Stay safe out there New Zealand.

Purple Defqon

Purple/pink, round, logo of Defqon festival one side only

Weight: 320mg

Estimated to contain 150-200mg MDMA

Pink Porsche

Bright pink, shield shape, Porsche logo one side

Weight: 350mg

Estimated to contain 200-250mg MDMA

Pink Maple Leaf

Pink, Canadian maple leaf shape, ‘D2’ on one side, ‘ICON’ on the other

Weight: 330mg

Estimated to contain 200-300mg MDMA