Girl 17, died after taking ‘Super-Strength’ Ecstasy pill

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A recent inquest regarding a horrific tragedy involving a seventeen-year-old girl has delivered some disturbing facts about the incident. According to official reports, Liverpool resident Faye Allen, was at a rave called “Don’t Let Your Daddy Know” in Manchester when she took one single ecstasy tablet that would eventually take her life.

The young woman presumably used a fake ID to enter into the packed 3,500 capacity warehouse on a bank holiday. She was given the ecstasy by her nineteen-year-old boyfriend, Conner Aden, while attending her first rave. The tablet was a super loaded pill and it was the equivalent of a deadly poison, the young woman started showing signs of trouble shortly after ingesting the pill.

The inquest revealed that despite Allen going into “spasm”, and where her jugular vein was visibly beating through her neck to the naked eye, it took the event staff and first responders up to three hours before anybody actually called an ambulance. Only one of the first responders that were on site and provided by the private firm North East Rescue to attend to the young woman was a qualified paramedic, the others were just young, inexperienced individuals with minor qualifications.

Dont Let Daddy Know

Three of the first responders stated that they were not responsible to call the paramedics, and claimed that they were having cell phone reception issues inside of the venue due to the dense population of attendees. First response certificate holder, Matthew Oates said that Allen was brought to a portable medical cabin around one in the morning. The inquiry heard that she was violently shaking and visibly in danger, but that the acting “ambulance technician” Grant Holland, made remarks that she just appeared drunk, and without more observations was not comfortable calling an actual ambulance to the scene.

After several hours of tending to Allen, the victim was finally seen by Mark Rose, who was the only actual qualified paramedic onsite. When looking at her, Rose said that “She was very pale and you could actually see the jugular vein on her neck beating”. He stated that he was not sure why they wanted him to be the decision maker to call the ambulance in the situation since she was in such bad shape, but “that being the sole paramedic in those situations is challenging”. From the time she became visibly ill, to the time she was picked up by the ambulance was over three hours.

Once the ambulance was called and arrived to the young woman, it was too late. She was pronounced deceased upon arrival to the hospital. Her boyfriend, Aden, and the drug dealer that he bought the drugs from, Oliver Garside, were both jailed for their part and admitted to supplying the Class A drug to the departed. No legal action was implemented against the establishment of the delayed care of the suffering girl.

Authorities said that the pills that were super loaded with extra doses of MDMA were “Small, pink figure eight shaped tablets which had white and red dots and the word Mastercard printed across them”.

The devastating news of the girl’s death shook the community as well as her family and friends. Allen was claimed to be a bright shiny light with her whole life ahead of her. It was her first experience at a rave and unfortunately, it was her last. The inquest hopes that young people will realize the potential hazards of taking chemicals. People should always test their chemicals for purity before ingesting them, and then for safety precautions, particularly with ecstasy pills, they should take just a small portion of the pill and slowly increase the dosage in hour increments.

There are no words that can ease the pain of the situation, the only hope is that Faye Allen will remain in our hearts and that the tragedy will open the eyes of young people to be safe when experimenting with chemicals.

Furthermore, the safety of people also relies on establishments to use proper diligence to ensure safety. When chemicals are involved it is always best to get emergency officials to the situation because time is critical in overdose situations and human lives trump all other circumstances. Love and light to her friends and family.