Cash Cash threw the mixer off the stage at Ultra toward the crowd in frustration

Ultra Miami 2019

During the second day of Ultra Music Festival in Miami DJs and producers, Cash Cash experienced a major mixer malfunction during their set at and handled it in their own way.

Technical difficulties seem to be plaguing the new location of the steady rocking Ultra Music Festival. As Your EDM reports, when something happened to the production equipment regarding pyrotechnics, and a total mixer crash, Cash Cash did just what any badass would do, they threw it to the crowd to let them sort it out while Ultra scrambled to find the replacement.

The epic mixer fails caused just roughly a twenty-minute delay, which in festival time is about thirty years, but nobody seems to be upset about the incident. It is unfortunate that the mishap occurred, however, it is not the end of the world. Ultra acted accordingly and obtained a new mixer pronto, and Cash Cash was once again crowd-pleasing in no time at all.

Ultra is still adapting to its brand new environment. Things are going to happen, while we can all dwell on the bad let’s all stop and just dance while thanking Ultra from our hearts for paving the way to glory for our glorious EDM scene.