15 year old boy died after taking six times the “safe” level of ecstasy

blue punisher ecstasy
Blue Punisher ecstasy

Once again information has surfaced about another tragedy that struck the rave culture involving an incident where a light dimmed prematurely due to MDMA poisoning.

A recent inquest heard facts regarding a fifteen-year-old child that died in a hotel room following a night out at an under under-18s rave event at Lakota nightclub in Bristol, England.

Teenaged Jackson Gibbons, who lived in the nearby town of Pontypool, snuck away with an unnamed sixteen-year-old friend and went to the out of town event without his parent’s consent or knowledge. The two legally obtained a the hotel room so they would have a place to sleep following the event. Before heading to the rave, the two would take Punisher ecstasy tablets that contained super loaded doses of MDMA, which would eventually take the young mans life.

Shortly after taking the ecstasy he became acting strange and was having difficulty walking, so the two friends went back to the hotel where he started shaking profusely and struggling to breathe at the room. His friend’s name was not released to the public for legal reasons waited over an hour to call the ambulance to come to assist. The young man admitted giving the drugs to Gibbons and stated he was also in an unfit state and did not know how to handle the situation.

Reports from the inquest revealed that Gibbons took three tablets, and blood had 2.52 milligrams of ecstasy per liter, where Avon Corner’s Court heard that 0.4 milligrams per liter was a potentially lethal level. There were no other drugs in his system according to the toxicology report, his death was determined drug related by the assistant coordinator Dr. Simon Fox QC.

The tragedy shook the community and is a harsh public lesson for young people that experiment with drugs. Drug safety is critical when chemicals are involved. Similar circumstances are occurring in alarming numbers across the globe.

Young people need to understand the risks and understand proper dosages. Take care of your friends, help them when they are in need, stay safe out there. Love and light to the family.