WARNING over deadly Donkey Kong ecstasy tablets

Donkey Kong ecstasy

Following the death of a thirteen-year-old boy that was recently found dead in a park in Ystrad Mynach, South Wales, authorities have released a statement to warn the general public about a deadly batch of Donkey Kong ecstasy tablets that are circulating the area.

Authorities released photos, descriptions, and warnings in hopes that the kite would help the community completely avoid the ecstasy tablets that are shaped and stamped to resemble the face Donkey Kong, the popular Nintendo character that is known globally by the majority of the population. The reverse side of the tablet has DK stamped into it, and the pills are peach in color.

As of late, the Donkey Kong ecstasy pills have been causing a ruckus around South Wales by sending several people to hospitals for treatment, which resulted in a public outcry for the word to spread about the potential dangers of the tablets, however, it was not until the horrific tragedy involving the death of the minor child Carson Price that police released the public statement.

Authorities said that the pills are in heavy circulation and are being “pushed” by local dealers while being sold for as little as $2.25 a pill. In the public statement, a representative from the Gwent Police Department, Superintendent Nick McLain, advised for all members of the community to completely avoid the Donkey Kong tablets and said:

“We want everyone to be aware of the consequences that drugs can have and we’re especially asking all of the parents to speak to their children and to share our message”.

The public warning further stated that anybody that has ingested the DK tablets should seek medical help as soon as they start to feel ill and not to try to wait it out, the results of delayed care could be detrimental to the individuals that took the pill(s).

The parents of the departed said that “Carson was bright and caring, kind and loving, and a cheeky little boy that was the best big brother and was loved and will be missed by so many people”. Following his death, an investigation into how the boy obtained the Class A controlled substance led to the arrest of a fourteen-year-old boy.

Fatal instances involving young people and chemicals are always heartbreaking, perhaps the death of the young child will wake up the young people in the area to use extreme caution when taking street drugs. Parents hug your children, and please talk to them about drug safety.