Tomorrowland’s One World Radio honors Avicii through 24-hr stream

tomorrowland avicii
Avicii tribute at Tomorrowland

It has been a whole entire year since shockwaves rippled through the music world regarding news about the loss of the legendary Swedish electronic dance music producer and DJ Tim Berling, also known on every inch of the planet as Avicii, and hearts are still healing from the loss, while his memory has not faded whatsoever.

The professional world of EDM is full of extraordinarily talented artists and good people, but there was something truly remarkable about Avicii. He was a different breed of human and had the ability to touch lives through not only his music but also just in his daily life of being a fluorescent light.

At the time of his death, Berling was just getting back in the lab after taking a break from the professional music world for personal reasons. The music that was released following his return was next level, and fans were listening to it in astronomical numbers. His passing devastated the music world, and many people were referring to the sad day as the modern “day the music died”.

As the year anniversary of his death hangs heavy in our hearts, our favorite music festival Tomorrowland recognizes the positive impact that EDM’s golden boy Avicii had on the world and is dedicating the whole entire day to him by remembering Tim through his music on their official radio station, One World Radio.

Dancing machines and music lovers can dial into Tomorrowland’s 24/7 digital radio station and content platform all day to remember Avicii through some of his many epic tracks. Every hour a different Berling song will be played, and at 14:00 CET they will play an hour-long best of Avicii mix.

Anybody that has ever been to any Tomorrowland event knows for certain that the festival loves the dance music culture, and they do everything possible to spread and show love to the global community.

Using the global platform of their own One World Radio to honor the dearly departed Avicii is just one small example of the love, even though it is an extraordinary display of it. Thank you for the love Tomorrowland, we love you back.

RIP Tim, your music will live on forevermore and always be a constant reminder of your light.