The controversial event that offers cocaine and unlimited s*x with prostitutes returns

Image: CEN/SE*

The saga of the Good Girls Company’s, S*x Island continues, only this time it will take place on United States soil. While the exact location has not been revealed yet, the website states that the event will be held on July 4th-7th of this year somewhere in Nevada.

The “party” being held on Independence Day weekend keeps the event in line with its typical aim at holidays. Some of the other S*x Island events have been held on religious holidays like Easter and Christmas

S*x Island has been recently dominating global headlines with its tendentious events that allow people to buy into a position on the island that is a drug-friendly, three-day orgy with exotic prostitutes.

Every man that buys a ticket is entitled to two women treating them like kings for the duration of the event. It is widely known that most men do not keep the same two women the whole time and that switching partners is the name of the game. Personal testimony from a doctor from New York from one of their previous events stated that the event was drugs and orgies the whole entire vacation.

Organizers of the Las Vegas event claim that there will be fifty tickets for fifty guests to enjoy the company of 100 beautiful women that are tested and free of any sexual diseases. Unlimited s*x is included in the tickets that cost roughly $6,000 for the excursion. The group’s website says “we have a strict condom policy. At any moment you can switch girls with the other fifty guests”. Guests are given an unlimited supply of condoms.

The US event will feature horseback riding, casino tours, and a poker tournament where the winner will get an “epic sexual surprise”. Past events have been held in more exotic locations such as the Caribbean islands and Colombia, but these events have been spreading out across the globe and going on behind the public scenes for quite a while.

They were able to dodge the mainstream media for much of their existence, but now they can not seem to avoid it. The masses tend to shun events that boast unlimited drug use and s*x with prostitutes.

Guests that sign up for the Nevada version of S*x Island will be picked up at Las Vegas International airport by a private helicopter and will be transported to the debauchery-ridden stomping grounds for men to live out their wildest fantasies. In order to protect the identities of the attendees, no photos are going to be allowed during the trip.

It does not matter if people love it or hate it, with the increasing amount of events continuously popping up in headlines, one thing is for certain, S*x Island is on the rise and it does not seem like it can be stopped at this point.