Neversea festival announces Green Energy initiative

Romanian electronic dance music festival NEVERSEA (July 4-7, Constanta) continues its innovative reputation this week by announcing a green energy initiative that will increase its ambition to become a fully sustainable festival by 2020.

Partnering with Romanian electricity company, CEZ Group, the majority of NEVERSEAs power will be generated by 100% green, renewable wind energy from a turbine farm in Constanta County itself. Most of the stages and the perimeter will be powered by wind power, while the CEZ arena will become the festival’s first 100% green area with fully recyclable materials used throughout in addition to the renewable energy used.

NEVERSEA festival celebrated this announcement by hosting a unique stunt where one of their former Mainstage DJs, Alex Parker, DJed at the top of 100-meter turbine in Europe’s largest land-based wind park which is owned by CEZ.

Playing for five hours from the incredibly vantage point, Parker said: “The sensation was unique, I could see the sunset as I did what I loved the most. It was simply incredible and hard to put into words, I think the video will speak for itself. I am proud to be part of this.”

Bogdan Rădulescu, Head of Partnerships at NEVERSEA, said: “CEZ & NEVERSEA is an example of good international practice that shows that two companies in totally different industries can achieve extraordinary results together by pooling resources that really turn into ideas and courageous initiatives to contribute to protecting us and the environment in the medium on a long term.”

CEZ Group in Romania is the partner of NEVERSEA for the second year running. It is the largest provider of electricity in South-West Romania, and offers a range of services and solutions to increasing energy efficiency in the private sector.

Watch Alex Parker‘s unique set below!