Man banned from music festival after taking 20 tabs of LSD [VIDEO]


While the general population tends to look at raves and music festivals as an excuse for people to do drugs, it is not really the truth. Many people choose to rave sober and tap into the natural energy that pours from events. In an instance where the masses can say “yup, I told you so” about drug use at music festivals, last weekend one man was kicked out a festival that was hosted by Kosmic Events for proudly taking to social media to display himself taking twenty hits of LSD.

Pete Townshend posted the short video of him eating the massive amount of LSD on his Twitter account, @humantestkit, and after ingesting the chemicals, he apparently became rather difficult to deal with by festival staff and attendees. In response to the Twitter posting, the festival owner, Daniel Green, told the psychonaut “We have your full legal name and pictures and if you come onto the property next year you will be arrested immediately.”

After some public back and forth between festival enthusiasts, fellow psychonaut, Townshend, and Green some things came to light about the public banning. After behaving as expected for a person who took twenty hits of LSD, things got out of hand for Townshend, and he eventually was escorted away by an ambulance. At somewhere around three o’clock in the morning, he returned to the festival in a hospital gown and continued his psychedelic adventure at the festival.

Seasoned travelers know that public doses of any psychedelic drug should be taken in moderation. Once too much of a chemical starts coursing through the human body there is not much anybody can do besides ride out the storm, no matter how intense it gets.

After the dust settled a little bit Townshend publically apologized on Twitter stating “My largest regret is holding up emergency services, scaring people, and missing time with the squad and good sets. I missed Charles the first.”

There were many lessons learned from all sides of the short Twitter battle, but the main one is that moderation is key when psychedelic chemicals are involved in public settings. See the public Twitter interaction below.