Tomorrowland 2019 tickets are the coolest thing you’ll see today! [VIDEO]

Tomorrowland 2019 Ticket Box

In exactly four weeks from now, doors will open for the most magical gathering on planet earth. If you’re one of the lucky 400,000 people who’ll get to experience Tomorrowland‘s 15th anniversary edition “The Book Of Wisdom, The Return” than you’ll be the recipient of one of their unique ticket boxes.

For this 15th anniversary edition, Tomorrowland is going the extra mile. Starting this week, all festival guests will receive their personal bracelets, together with a physical copy of “The Book of Wisdom”, Tomorrowland’s first book created in collaboration with the award-winning Irish author Sarah Maria Griffin.

It is a fantasy story that offers a taste of the enchanting world of Tomorrowland, so that all festival guests will be able to immerse themselves in the story even before they arrive.

“The Book of Wisdom” is a 160-page hardcover book full of surprises, written in five languages – English, Spanish, French, German and Dutch – and illustrated by the Belgian artist Patrick Cornelis.

The book is currently being delivered worldwide exclusively to the festival ticket holders, which is quite a huge logistical feat. In the coming months, an extended version of “The Book of Wisdom” will be released worldwide with even more scenes, details and plot twists.

And that’s only the beginning… The excitement for this year’s edition is growing and we can’t wait to see what the venue will look like in full swing!

Check out the video for the unboxing below: