Lee Burridge & Lost Desert have announced their debut collaborative album ‘Melt’

lee burridge

Global house music icon Lee Burridge and Belgian studio impresario Lost Desert have announced their debut collaborative album, Melt, set for release July 19 on All Day I Dream.

The album will act as Lee’s first complete body of work, fusing his history of entrancing dancefloors around the world with the production know-all that has made Lost Desert one of melodic house’s most expressive characters.

Underpinned by intricate, layered, melodies and understated grooves, the 10-track LP captures the feel of Burridge‘s fabled All Day I Dream parties and features collaborations with contemporaries Simon Vuarambon and vocalist, Junior.

The duo have shared a first listen of the much anticipated album today in the form of an eight minute ballad titled “Mibale,” featuring Junior Akwerty‘s other worldly vocals. The Democratic Republic of Congo-born singer offers lyrics in his native Bantu tongue of Lingala, which All Day I Dream followers will recognize from Lee and Lost Desert‘s previous studio efforts ‘Lingala‘ and ‘Elongi‘.

It is a mesh of ancient linguistics, wind instrumentation, and floating percussion that welcomes listeners into the soothing and emotional world that the album sets forth.

For one electronic music’s most established names, Melt is a landmark release in Burridge‘s career. Warmth, beauty, sadness and melodic bliss intertwine to become their own sentimental landscapes.

Melt aims to take its listeners on a journey through the ethos and creative wonder of its authors.

It offers an enigmatic pull to explorers looking to find one another through the magic of dancefloor experience and the timeless storytelling of emotional songwriting. In the making of the record, Lee and Lost Desert have drawn upon the feelings of love and connection.

“Music is a beautiful escape for so many of us. A place where strangers meet strangers and strangers make new friends. An initial way to bond. It speaks the same language that’s understood by people from far and wide. It’s an experience shared. One between you and the artist or you and a crowd of hundreds or thousands,” explains Burridge, as he delves into the creative process behind the album.

“Melt hopes to create a connection. With it. With others. We both feel that musical music evokes a special kind of magic that instills itself deep in your soul. If you truly connect with it it stays with you forever. It marks a moment or moments that you shared with it and with others on your journey through life . This was one of our motivations when we wrote each track and the album as a full storytelling experience” he added.

Those who have experienced the All Day I Dream community will have felt the themes of this sprawling work first hand. Whether it has been on the beaches of Mykonos, the cliff tops of Ibiza, or amongst the urban backdrop of one’s hometown, the events attract a nomadic community of Dreamers through their warmth and sense of belonging.

Listen to the track below.