Tomorrowland will be celebrating its 15th anniversary with the Symphony of Unity

The Book Of Wisdom, The return
Tomorrowland The Book Of Wisdom 2012

There are countless breathtaking electronic dance music festivals that span the outreaches of Planet Earth, and while many of them are next level premiere events that host some of the best production and experiences known to mankind, none of them can quite stand up to Belgium’s mighty and magical Tomorrowland festival.

With the fifteenth annual event in Boom, Belgium swiftly approaching, the team behind Tomorrowland has decided to surprise the People of Tomorrow one more time with a special announcement for The Symphony of Unity.

On Sunday 21 July and 28 July, the DJ booth on the phenomenal Freedom Stage will be handed over to 60 live musicians. The Metropole Academy – the Metropole Orchestra‘s own Academy bringing together the most talented conservatory students from Belgium and the Netherlands – with guest conductor Dirk Brossé will perform a unique symphony composed specially for Tomorrowland’s 15th anniversary “The Book Of Wisdom, The Return”.

The Symphony of Unity starts at 18:00 (21 July) and 17:00 (28 July) and will be bringing a magical performance in which classical and electronic music will be united and transformed into an unprecedented show. Expect the all-time and most iconic Tomorrowland anthems taking the People of Tomorrow on a magical journey through 15 years of musical history at Tomorrowland, this for an hour long.

Tomorrowland festival is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year and that calls for a lot of unique celebrations. The festival is honored to welcome the Metropole Orchestra, a multiple Grammy winning orchestra based in the Netherlands, that started its own Academy back in 2014, where top talents of Dutch and Belgian conservatories are being brought together.

The Symphony Of Unity

The Belgian guest conductor Dirk Brossé, one of the most respected conductors in the international music scene, is very excited to be leading the Metropole Academy and Symphony of Unity at Tomorrowland:

Here’s what he had to say about their upcoming show at Tomorrowland:

“In my 40-year career I have conducted world-class orchestras in the most prestigious concert halls around the world, from the Royal Albert Hall in London to the Sydney Opera House and the Carnegie Hall in New York, and many more. However, performing at Tomorrowland, the world’s most famous and most original and artistic festival, will undoubtedly be a lifelong highlight.”

Performing the Symphony of Unity at Tomorrowland will be an exceptional experience for the 60 students of the Metropole Academy, since the Academy normally only engages in educational projects.

Specially for Tomorrowland the orchestra will also be playing 3 taiko’s, large Japanese drums with a 1m40 section that are rarely used in Europe. Expect a unique live mix between the most iconic electronic Tomorrowland anthems and magical classical music such as the Tomorrowland Hymn – a classical hymn that was composed by the renowned composer Hans Zimmer for the 10th anniversary edition of Tomorrowland in 2014 – creating a beautiful orchestral sound that will mesmerize the People of Tomorrow and take them on a magical journey through 15 years of musical history at Tomorrowland.

Tomorrowland should be on the bucket list for all dancing machines, and those that get to experience the 15th anniversary of the event in Belgium this year are in for the festival experience of a lifetime.

Watch the official teaser below!