DC10 and Boiler Room announce special line up for the clubs Debut live stream

In a month, Boiler Room will document the first-ever broadcast within the walls of Ibiza’s DC-10. A one-off Friday party that will span the main room & the club’s fabled terrace, it’s an event that will pull away from the club’s regular program & offer something new.

Curated by Seth Troxler, the program brings a fresh crop of vital new blood to the island– many of whom will play DC-10 for the first time. The roll-call is a bright, new statement of diversity & colour, & runs a red thread through the many corners of the global club underground. It’s a broad vision of Ibiza’s possible future, by a figure with intimate knowledge of its past.

Deep breath, here’s the full drop.

First out the traps is Carista, the Utrecht-based selector. A regular at Red Light Radio & De School, her recent contributions to the Dutch underground are almost unrivalled. Alongside is kindred Dutch icon: Carlos Valdes, another beating heart for Amsterdam via his vital work behind … Is Burning– the legendary gay night, born at Trouw & now fully grown across Europe.

A dip-dive away from playing it safe, the program puts a lot of investment in diehard selectors. Rave expert & vinyl obsessive Dr. Rubinstein brings her wild acid crates. Manchester’s weapon Willow is on cue with her deep, dubby & consistently brilliant afterhours material. And choice curveball for Ibiza & the club is LYZZA, who quickly became one of the most exciting breakthrough artists of last year. Brazilian-born via Amsterdam & London, she is a bright new force in the international queer club scene as a DJ, producer and vocalist.

There’s a vital slice of Berlin in here too, naturally. Panorama Bar regulars nd_baumecker & Roi Perez will bring the unique brand of groove-led techno to the terrace. Along the same vein, the DC-10 welcomes the debut of Hungarian-born US enigma Chris Korda — transgender activist, leader of the Church of Euthanasia (look it up) & Perlon’s next big thing.

Last but not least is Muallem— the owner, creative director & resident DJ of Munich’s now-legendary BLITZ club & its party Cruise, one of the most forward thinking LGBTQI+ parties in Europe.

Join the magic on the island come Friday 26 July — or watch it online at link.