Disneyland visitor goes missing after taking LSD, spawns 130-person search party

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Disneyland Paris

Last week one Swiss couple took an (acid) trip to visit Disneyland Paris on holiday and caused quite the stir in the process. While adventuring to the popular theme park, the two ingested LSD and things got a little weird in the process.

The man got separated from his partner sometime during the day and did not resurface when the park was closing, so the woman reported the incident to park officials, and a massive search party went underway to find him.

According to official reports regarding the incident, an unidentified 32-year old man was provided the drugs by his girlfriend and the effects were overwhelming to him and he went missing.

Local media reported that 30 firefighters, 10 divers, 80 park employees, an alleged military helicopter with thermal cameras, and search and rescue dogs all were involved in the search party for the lost man.

At around 2:30 a.m. the man was found on the bank near a body of water where he had fallen earlier in the day. The man and his girlfriend were both arrested for illegal drug use. The park has strict rules that prohibit all illegal substances from the theme park. Disney confirmed that the incident did not disturb daily operations of the park or affect any of the attendees except the couple involved.

It is not always the best thing for people to take drugs in public places. Experienced psychedelic users all know that set and setting is a critical aspect of taking powerful psychedelics, especially LSD.

It is not clear what the severity of the punishment will be, but it is certain that some valuable lessons were learned. It is good news that the man was found and was not severely injured. Stay safe out there party people.