Tomorrowland Foundation documentary with Lost Frequencies shows why Tomorrowland is more than a fesival

Belgian superstar DJ and producer, Lost Frequencies and Arnoud Raskin, the inventor and founder of Mobile School, visited the Mobile School in Querétaro, a city in the heart of Mexico, last month.

Mobile School is a Belgian organisation that works with street children worldwide. Under the motto If a child cannot go to school, we bring the school to the child“, they are active in more than 30 countries. The focus of the mobile schools is on strengthening the self-esteem and identity of street children and allowing them to discover their talents through play. Since last summer, the organisation has been supported by the Tomorrowland Foundation.

Tomorrowland turned the unique account of Felix and Arnoud into an unforgettable 32-minute documentary that can be viewed from 4 pm on today on all social media from both Tomorrowland and Mobile School.

With the creation of this documentary, the Tomorrowland Foundation aims to give an organisation like Mobile School the opportunity to spread their positive message about street child empowerment to a worldwide community of more than 30,000,000 fans and followers on the Tomorrowland social media.

Here’s what Arnoud Raskin, founder of Mobile School had to say about the school:

“There are more than 150 million street children in the world, including in Belgium! These are 150 million unique individuals, each with their own talents that are being wasted. That is a big loss for society! We have to find a different way of looking at those children and young people. We should not simply feel sorry for them, or even worse, ignore them… We give them the feeling that they are part of society and offer them the opportunity to develop their talents.

We shouldn’t feel sorry for them, or worse, ignore them… We must show them that they are part of society and give them the opportunity to develop their talents. Only in this way can they escape the negative spiral of the street. Thanks to their support through the Tomorrowland Foundation and the creation of this documentary, Tomorrowland is giving us a huge opportunity to send that message around to the world”.

Felix de Laet aka Lost Frequencies: “Just like the opening of the music school in Nepal, this experience in Mexico left a deep impression on me. Each of the children I met gave me so much love and received me with open arms. They really inspired me! I am therefore very happy that I can help Mobile School to spread their message.”

The Mobile Schools are mobile, fold-out blackboards, equipped with more than 300 educational panels and games, on street related topics such as health, basic knowledge, music, etc. The focus of the mobile schools is on strengthening the self-esteem and identity of the street children and allowing them to discover their talents through play.

There are currently 55 mobile schools operating in 30 countries on four continents: Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Thanks to the financial support of the People of Tomorrow for the Tomorrowland Foundation, the foundation can support Mobile School in the construction and development of additional schools, educational materials and the training of outreach workers.

Through the Tomorrowland Foundation, which was founded in 2016, Tomorrowland wants to transform the festival’s positivity and sense of belonging into support for projects that aim to give vulnerable young people and children from all over the world the opportunity to develop personally and creatively. After all, they are the future, they are the ones who will shape the world of tomorrow. They are the ultimate People of Tomorrow!

The funds for the construction of the music school in Nepal and the financial support for Mobile School and the creation of the documentary, come for the organisation and from the visitors to Tomorrowland.

At each edition of the festival, they have different ways to contribute. From donating 2 Pearls when they ‘activate’ their wristband, to the purchase of a Tomorrowland flag that is sold in the shops at the festival and via the webshop which includes a donation of € 5, to the required one-off donation from anyone who manages to get a free ticket through a partner or sponsor, to the guests in the Secret Resto, the most exclusive restaurant that can seat 12 people, it all goes to the Foundation.

Watch the documetary below!