ORIGEN FEST announces ELROW as the first show of its 2020 edition

The biggest electronic music festival in the Balearic Islands returns for the third year in a row to Sun Fusteret with 4 unique dates: Sunday 7th of June, Sunday 12 of July, Saturday 15th of August and Sunday 6th of September. 

Origen Fest unveils the content of the first of these four dates: On Sunday 7th of June, Son Fusteret will overflow with colour and performances thanks to ELROW.

Looking towards the future, Origen Fest is planning a sustainable and kind to the planet experience that will reduce the use of plastic and use local products. More details will be unveiled before the festival.

Last year Origen Fest held 30.000 attendees, a number that will highly increase in the next edition, due to the great growth of international audiences that the brand is experimenting with.


The festival was born in 2018 with a strong look towards the future. A project well structured, with a clear vision and a strong philosophy: To grow in a sustainable and coherent way. Therefore, the brand has laid the foundations of what is nowadays the biggest electronic music festival in the Balearic Islands. And the growth involves responsibility, something that Origen Fest hasn’t avoided, increasing its commitment towards a truly responsible event every year.

Some of its actions include strong support to local products, the reduction of its carbon footprint and the use of plastic. But this vision towards the future doesn’t stop here. There’s going to be a twist to Origen Fest’s image and to the technical side of things such as its audiovisual production, an element that will make this edition really stand out.


ELROW goes to Mallorca! The brand of great international success returns to Origen Fest next 7th of June with a production that will bring all of its colour and craziness to immerse the attendees into one of its incredible parallel worlds.

One of the best parts of Origen Fest 2019 was its collaboration with ELROW, something that, judging by the extraordinary feedback from the audience, couldn’t be missed in this new edition.

The theme and artists will be revealed in the next few weeks but there is no doubt that it will surprise again, turning Sun Fusteret into a giant theme park full of decorations, costumes, animation, performances, activities, confetti, inflatable, Rowgelia and of course, a lot of fun.


Origen Fest’s attendees haven’t stopped growing in each edition, from 25.000 attendees in 2018 to 30.000 attendees in 2019. Knowing that the expectations for this new edition are unbeatable, the brand international presence grows every day, due to Mallorca being such an attraction to tourists  and its never ending summer, making Origen Fest a unique and ideal destination to enjoy 4 days of partying, beach and hundreds of additional plans. The biggest of the Balearic Islands has an incomparable infrastructure and so much to offer. Also, the festival really takes care of its attendees , giving importance to equality and responsibility and working hard for their comfort with services and bars without queues.

We must also  add to all of this the undeniable economic impact that Origen Fest has generated throughout its surroundings. With its strong investment, which is more than  1.2€ million in artistic and general production for each edition, the festival also strongly supports the local community creating hundreds of new jobs for each one of its dates.


Origen Fest has exceeded all of its sale goals so far. The festival opened their pre-inscription period in December to access ticket sales, reaching more than 1.000 sold tickets in one day for 60€ each. The second release of tickets for 65€ and the third for 70€ are also sold out. Currently you can purchase your 4 day ticket via link for 80€. Enjoy 4 days of Origen Fest to the max for an excellent price.