Above & Beyond’s member Paavo diagnosed with Coronavirus

Above & Beyond

As we try and stay positive regarding the terrifying COVID-19 outbreak, another individual near and dear to the EDM community has been diagnosed with the disease.

Paavo Siljamäki, a member of the legendary trance trio Above & Beyond shared that he has been tested positive for Coronavirus. In his statement, he shares that he has fought the disease for straight 11 days and thanks the healthcare professionals that are out there on the frontlines fighting the virus first hand.

Here’s what he had to say:

“I’m on day 11 of fighting the coronavirus here, I wonder if anybody else is ill at the moment and knows what it’s like.”

“I have such gratitude for the people who risk their lives to help us during difficult spots.”

“A big part of being ill is being afraid.”

Paavo has since speculated that he may have contracted the virus from a massage therapist in Bali two weeks prior. He later goes on to encourage those listening to be mindful of healthcare workers risking their own lives for the treatment of others. Siljamäki finished up by reminding fans to not be fearful, even in the face of uncertainty.