Breaking: AIRBEAT ONE Festival will not be able to take place this year

Airbeat One
photo by Anna Mohn

The music industry is on pause as the world battles the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In an effort to prevent spreading the virus, many concerts, festivals and other events have been canceled, rescheduled, or modified. One of them is Northern Germany’s largest electronic music festival AIRBEAT ONE.

The team behind AIRBEAT ONE festival just announced through their social media accounts that the festival cannot take place in 2020.

You can read the festival’s full statement below!

Dear friends of AIRBEAT ONE,

unfortunately, we were given the sad certainty yesterday by the German government that AIRBEAT ONE will not be able to take place this year, as all major events have been banned until August 31st.

Many positive thoughts have carried you and us through this difficult time during the last weeks. Until the last minutes we hoped that the situation would improve by July and that we could celebrate a sunny and joyful AIRBEAT ONE Festival with you.

The news moves everyone of us and doesn´t leave anyone without a trace, because in the last months all the stage-designs, lights, lasers and pyrotechnics have already imagined our fantasy as real backdrops and have become unforgettable moments cause of the artists and you, milestones in life, which will never be forgotten like all our common destinations in the previous years.

This year, AIRBEAT ONE would have achieved new records of attendance through your recognition, which we would not have even dreamed of years ago. So let´s look forward to 2021 with even greater anticipation when you will be able to fill out our campfields with emotions again, make new friends, and bring AIRBEAT ONE back to life together out of its sleeping beauty with our world-class-artists from its involuntary one year-long slumber with all your breath and energy to celebrate its twentieth anniversary.

It will be more powerful than ever before!

The event-industry is currently hidden extremely hard by the rules, our industry was the first to be hit by the bans and will probably be the last to come out of the crisis. Without all our partners, AIRBEAT ONE would not be possible at all, our thoughts are also with all these companies, freelancers and all other promoters including their families, without whom no artist could ever perform on impressive stages or anywhere else. We wish all of them that they will go through these hard times because we are all together a big family and have many common faces and stories.

We also appeal to you to support every event and every promoter as far as it is possible for each of you, because only together we are strong and only in this way we can experience all our leisure time pleasures again in the future.

Since Music Eggert has already received an official cancellation for another 14 events in addition to the AIRBEAT ONE, we ask you to be patient for a few more days until our team has made all the arrangements and technical requirements, and the ticket-servers have been adapted, so that we can come back to you with all the arrangements and information at the beginning of May to answer your numerous questions.

You are all together our big AIRBEAT ONE family and the reason why AIRBEAT ONE is one of the biggest and most emotional EDM-Festivals in Europe today, take care of yourself, stay healthy and support the government in their good efforts to get this pandemic under control, so that each of us with his whole family will get through this time safe and healthy.

See you again in 2021, this is already secured today!